Maintenance Approach

Dream TeamMaintenance like many other parts of the business system must operate smoothly; only when it fails do we see its impact and significance to the business. At HC, we work closely with clients to develop, implement and manage maintenance systems. The focus is on preventative as well as corrective tasks. It must consider everything the business needs, from its operation as well as day to day maintenance.

Hein Consulting adopts a bespoke approach to helping our clients develop a maintenance management and strategy for their business. It focuses on facility, on location and operations. Standard processes and procedures should be optimised to meet the specific needs of the individual business.

We work at the planning and design stage of facilities where we can develop the right maintenance strategies to scenarios. We can plan for risk, growth and any other demand your business may face.

Imagine you are a business with production machinery. You want to shift maintenance responsibility to dedicated production teams. You are able to save money in huge cost savings because you are moving to dedicated resources. You create smaller buffer zones and you reduce the cost in spares. You are using your resources more efficiently; there is less downtime as well as a faster response time. More importantly, however, you are changing culture and the ownership of maintenance as well as its philosophy. This is one example of how HC can help streamline your business.

Hein Consulting also gets involved in existing business where operationally the maintenance process has failed. Working closely with all relevant stakeholders and putting in place appropriate processes that combine planned and unplanned activities, capital and maintenance requirements specific to the operations of the business. Our work brings together many aspects that cover resource distribution, scheduling, risk management, system control and feed­back loops for continual optimisation for our client’s business.

Our Maintenance Management Services

  • Maintenance Approach
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Asset Management
  • Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Space Planning
  • Benchmarking
  • Building Management Systems
  • Commer­cial Property Management
  • Energy
  • Facilities Acquisition
  • Facility Lifecycle Management
  • Fire Engineering
  • FM Audits
  • FM Education & Training
  • FM Software Technology
  • Maintenance Management
  • Risk Management

HC can support you in the setup and management of building projects in delivering a programme for successful facility. Please contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss the various options open to you.