Great designs give great impressions

Designing is the process of taking planning to the next step of its evolution; focusing your resources and developing a strategy unique to your needs. Project management becomes an important tool in the design of a facility. You need to be able to optimise your resources, conduct a risk analysis and manage the process. Design brings the concept into a degree of actuality so needs to feed into the strategy of the development.

Hein Consulting’s guidelines for the design process:

Draw on specialist knowledge

DesignIf you need an expert to look over your designs, such as contractors, engineers, structural engineers, MEP, front end designers or architects, we can arrange this to be done. Incorporating expertise will make this next stage of the planning process more accurate.

Interior design

Consider interior design and the space arrangement to define how staff will live and work within the facility once it is completed. CAD, as well as the science of space planning can aid you through this design process. Your inventory of assets and products, as well as your people, need to be able to coexist in the facility. You should also consider the potential for growth.

Best value

Procurement ensures you get best value on the work you need doing. This includes any materials, support and human resources. The development of the facility has to be economically viable. At this design stage you are better placed to develop your budget.


You need to consider the environmental impact of the facility and ensure it is as sustainable as possible. There can be legal implications too, so it is important to seek advice from an expert at this stage. A capital investment in sustainability can offer exposure for a company, as well as the possibility for reducing emissions and long term costs, so it is important to consider this in the design stage.

If you’re looking for practical support or further information of our full range of services on facilities, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.