We can optimise your resources, modernise the way you work and offer a bespoke service, which includes process mapping, making you more efficient, competitive and innovative.

FacilitiesFacilities Management (FM) focuses on coordinating space, infrastructure, people and businesses. It operates at every level of an organisation. FM is an industry driven by continuous development and innovation. The challenge comes from working to reduce costs while consistently adding value.

The end goal of those in facilities management is to create a safe, secure and productive place to work that’s well maintained. There’s also an ambition to manage change, supporting the needs of staff as well as the business.

To achieve this, FM needs to develop a coordinated approach that secures buy-in from every stakeholder in the organisation. It plays a role in every stage of the development of a new facility. This is where Hein Consulting can help.


This considers the business case that will dictate the location of the facility, its layout, alternative spaces, an inventory of what’s needed, supply and the asset’s value.


We offer specialist expertise, including architects and engineers, to provide project management and risk analysis. Considering the environment when creating an innovative and productive workplace is another important part of our design.


We develop a strategy in detail, plan the delivery, consider layout and design as well as the management and implementation of the construction programme. For each product or investment, we ensure that it is cost-effective through value engineering.


This is the on-going management of the operation, development and continuous innovation of the facility. Our approach connects the dots from the initial planning stage through to the overall cost in use of the facility.

If you’re looking for practical support or further information of our full range of facilities please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.