Maintenance Management

Maintenance, like many other parts of the business system, must operate smoothly; only when it fails do we see its impact and significance to the business. We work closely with clients to develop, implement and manage maintenance systems. There is a focus on prevention as well as fixing problems. We incorporate all of the maintenance and operational needs of the business. This shift can also have an impact on company culture.


Optimised Processes

Consider your business: its facility, its location and its operations. Each is unique and specific, demonstration the need for bespoke processes and procedures. We can work at the planning and design stages of facilities where HC’s task is to develop the right maintenance strategies with scenarios to fit the varying demands your business may encounter.

This is not just about cost, it is also about changing culture. Imagine you want to shift who looks after your production machinery. To focus maintenance, you choose to establish dedicated production teams. By developing dedicated resources, you cre­ate the potential for huge cost savings. You can create smaller buffer zones, as well as cutting the cost needed in spares. Time is used more efficiently; there is less downtime and a faster response time.

More impor­tantly, however, the shift in maintenance responsibility changes the culture of ownership and philosophy. It increases capability as well as competence.

Failures in Maintenance

Hein Consulting also gets involved in existing business where, operationally, the maintenance process has failed. We work closely with all relevant stakeholders in order to put in place appropriate processes, combining planned and unplanned activities, as well as capital and maintenance requirements specific to the operations of the business. Our work brings together many aspects that cover resource distribution: scheduling, risk management, system control and feedback loops for continual optimisation for our client’s business.

HC offers a full range of maintenance strategies, whether it’s outsourcing solutions, processes, tools or systems that span the entire maintenance lifecycle of your facilities. We’ll give you the practical support and ways to set up a specific maintenance programme that fit your needs. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.