Building at HC

After the planning and design stage, construction is what brings the facility into reality. The hard work is still to come, so it’s important to invest resources in expertise to ensure the construction project management is effective and comprehensive. An ongoing strategy needs to incorporate both planning and design to help you consider the importance and impacts each part has, and why they are required.

Hein Consulting’s guide to the construction process of a typical facility:


Planning and design

Drawing from the previous stages of planning and design is essential to have a smooth construction of your facility. If both of these have been in-depth then the start of the construction project management process will be easier.

Project management

A construction project manager will have specific experience in leading the development. HC has worked on construction projects across the globe, so has the capacity to draw on a vast range expertise and experience.


A project manager needs to source the best value resources, including materials, products and people. Clear communication throughout the construction process is vital as the work is conducted in stages.


Drawing on specific expertise enables the construction process to be more successful. Civil engineers, MEP, geotechnical and structural engineers will consider different elements of the development, bringing together fresh and complimentary perspectives.


At the planning and design stage, environmental concerns and relevant legislation will be put into practice. This includes behaviour and on-going site maintenance as well as the facility itself.

Health and safety

The construction site will be the home to your new facility, but is also home to a plethora of potential injuries. Health and safety needs to be considered for the people working on the development as it becomes an actuality, as well as a legal consideration for its end users. The planning stage’s risk assessment and site monitoring helps to continually assess the site’s safety and success for all who are associated.

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