Technology Management

PrintTechnology is an enabler. It can be easy to forget that and to get distracted by what your competitors are using or the range of platforms on offer. Hein Consulting promotes technology management, in effect choosing the best tools to support your work.

Your business is information and data. Technology enables you to access, understand and manipulate that data. We help you choose the best technology to maximise the potential of that information. The information is of value to your business.

Be clear and concise

You need to make the right data decisions at the start of a project. Ensure the information you’re compiling is clear, concise and correct. If you want to get accurate, relevant and useful data out of the project, then remember “garbage in garbage out”.

You can’t rip everything up and start all over again. Start by understanding the standard models already adopted by your organisation and work with them. If possible, we can help develop standards that can be seamlessly implemented within your company whilst continuously benchmarking with best practices.

Know your resources

Understand the level of skills, abilities and experience when it comes to technology within your business. Will training be something you need to consider? Will you need to hire new members of staff or bring in consultants? Implementing the latest platforms is useless if no one can use them within your organisation.

Technology and Terminology

  • Enterprise Resource Management Systems
  • Property Management Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Document Management
  • Drawing Management
  • Technology Enablers
  • CMMS
  • FM Technology Analysis
  • 3D Scanning
  • CAD
  • Asset Tracking
  • Mobile Technology
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Project Management Tools
  • Remote Tracking
  • HR Systems

If you’re looking for practical support and ways to keep your organisation up to date on the latest technologies, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.