Successful Planning

For a plan to be strong it has to be bespoke as each business has its own individual ideas and techniques. A strong plan will help you calculate your resources– both monetary and human – more efficiently. Our bespoke plans will help you establish exactly what you need, enable you to map the process ahead, and develop a strong strategy from which to proceed. The project management we provide will help implement this plan and bring it to reality.

PlanningThe framework you need for a successful planning phase include:

Location, Location, Location

Where is best to build your facility? Consider the development from a strategic perspective as well as with existing infrastructure in mind.


You don’t work in isolation. Think about the competition, will your development work here?


As well as considering where is best, you need to examine what layout you need and what best suits your organisation now and in the future. Developing a strategic plan allows you to create an optimal layout that supports your day to day operation, as well as potential growth for years to come.

Examine alternative options – determining the best location and layout does not mean accepting the first one. Consider the available alternatives; it may help you ascertain what it is you need by rejecting other options.

Make an inventory – The planning stage might seem early but you need to determine what you will need. This helps to feed into the layout and space you have available.

Value engineering

Ascertain the goods or products you are including to a value. What impact will the facility have on your overall business? By including a value, you can use a measure to analyse importance.

Measurement – how will you measure the implementation of the plan and its success? Consider that the economy may shift, resources may change in value. This needs to be incorporated to your strategy and available resources to invest.

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