Property Management

PrintThe commercial property management (CPM) role is a demanding position. Normally the remit of the estates or property business unit or department, in some cases it involves working alongside facilities management. Largely its main focus is on the property’s accounts and budget, especially when some of the occupied or owned property is leased out to another organisation or business.

As well as budgets there is the added responsibility for the commercial servicing needs of business tenants. Throughout the tenancy the CPM needs to make sure the property is in good working condition. A good rental income needs to be maintained and this includes the responsibility of attracting new tenants when necessary. With changes in the market and business, the job of managing commercial property internally is under further pressure.

The CPM has to find new ways to attract and retain business. Where they need support is in securing quick and accessible data on tenant accounts, lease information, space allocation relating to leases, temporary licenses, as well as advertising. Most of this can be done through the provision of systems and processes, helping to maximise your property revenue whilst managing visibility on costs. It’s likely the CPM isn’t the only one who will need to access the data; other departments like finance or accounting will need to use it.

Outsourcing of Property Management

We can lend a hand by breaking down exactly what it is you need. We can show you your options, be they long term or temporary. If what you need involves getting the right people, training within existing departments or providing the right tools and systems then we can help.

We start by reviewing your overall business strategy in terms of expansion or consolidation as well as the related real estate portfolio. We then develop these into your specific real estate development strategies. If you’re looking for practical support and ways to set up or manage your property portfolio, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss the various options open to you.