Fire Engineering

Compliance or a different perspective

Many organisations see fire safety as a simple issue of compliance, only meeting the legal standards for prevention and fire protection. What if the approach was taken from a risk management perspective? Consider the loss of profits, the interruption to business, the devastating loss of an organisation’s human knowledge base. In an instant, you can see the potential of a different strategy.

Planning an integrated approach

Dream TeamA good fire engineering strategy includes a clear risk management plan that makes you more effective at preventing and protecting your organisation’s assets from fire. Implementing a fire engineering approach creates an opportunity to reduce the cost of fire safety and protective measures through better design and planning. If you are proactive and continually refer to your fire strategy, you can continue to reduce costs.

Scenario Plans

Identify risk to predict best and worst case scenarios. You need simple, clear and concise procedures enabling you to deal with a potential emergency situation. Be practical and realistic about the type of threat; don’t go overboard.

The key to scenario planning is to make sure you have a clear idea of what success looks like; how effective do you want your preventative and protective measures to be? Focus on quantifiable risks, the impact from fire on damage to assets and loss of life.

Remember to include the condition of the facility and its structural integrity as well as its performance in resisting fire over time. The same approach should be applied to the fire protection and preventative systems.

Training and Approach

It’s important that the approach is based around the needs of the business, the facility and the risk you have identified. For this reason, training and ensuring your staff practice fire procedures is important. Regular practice conditions the behaviour of people during an emergency as well as increasing the awareness of unexpected dangers.

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Our approach is always based around the needs of our client’s business with solutions driven by the activity and functional requirements of the facility in fire engineering and risk management services. Let us help you maximise your fire engineering strategy. If you’re looking for practical support and ways to set up your fire engineering programme, please contact us and we’ll be happy to dis­cuss the various options available for you.