Implementation example of a typical FM System

This is an example of the HC project approach, methodology and estimated project plan:

Bear in mind the timing is dependent upon the complexity and number of interfaces etc. Also take into account the quality and accessibility of existing information and capability and competency of the people who will be using the new system.

As with most projects you should always start with asking some basic ‘needs’ questions:

  • What do you want to do with the solution?
  • What will be better by using the software?
  • Which result must be reached?
  • How fast must the results be reached?
  • Are you ready to redefine business processes?

Also, here are some other things to consider prior to the software implementation, such as your current and future situation with respect to IT/ IS strategy. Consider:

  • Information
  • Data
  • Responsibilities
  • Cost/ Budget
  • IT/ IS Security requirements

Think about what you want the new FM system to do. Remember there is no point getting an all singing all dancing system that costs several hundred thousand euros with multiple licenses, if all you only want to do is a few updates for space management or lease management. Some basic planning is important and so consider some of the following:

  • Quality
  • Flexibility and/or Mobility
  • Cost and benefit
  • Information
  • Organisation

Methodology for pre-selection to implementation


Most importantly, it’s always advisable to shop around, so develop your requirements list with a long list of suppliers that fit the basic FM requirements of your business. Do a review and start to develop your short list of the software vendors to fit in with your business needs.

Then run some demonstrations to a strict set of criteria based on your business’ needs. Test your short list of selected systems on both their functionality and the vendor’s capability to work with you. Bearing in mind that not only should the software solution chosen be fit for purpose, but that there is a synergy between the selected software vendor, internal stakeholders, and you moving forward. The software vendor’s support and ‘helpdesk’ must be able to serve your needs, when you need them.

Making a deci­sion about software


Remember that a good project plan with well-prepared data, a dedicated and competent project team from your side, as well as the vendor’s, will be key to a successful implementation.

HC are independent of any software systems, so we work with you to analyse the best system that fits your current and projected needs based on your business and IT/ IS strategies. Prepare and implement the training with your teams and work out the best processes, as well as the quality of information coming in and going out into an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other financial systems for example.

Work with all the relevant stakeholders within your business to successfully implement the right solution. We can also support if you decide to outsource your CAFM / IWMS system. If you’re looking for practical support, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.