Mobile Technology

PrintSmart computing and mobile technology can help you to empower your business. Whether via a smartphone, tablet or notebook, you need your people to be connected and able to access relevant data wherever they are.

To incorporate this technology, you need to understand the standard models your organisation is already using and work with them. This allows you to integrate new mobile technology easily as they come online, so upgrades are seamless and stress free.

Common questions to ask are about operating systems; Android, Windows or iOS? Each have their merits, each have their downsides, so you need to weigh that up before implementation. Microsoft’s Windows technology has traditionally dominated the enterprise space. But, recently Apple has taken its fair share of enterprise solutions, with Google also offering suitable and effective software and solutions.

The key is to have a standardised interface that can be easily adopted and integrated into your organisation’s existing systems. Secondly, you have to ask how secure the mobile technology you will be using is, or to be precise, how secure do you require your data to be whilst on the move?

If you’re looking for practical support or ways to keep your organisation up to date on the latest technology, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.