Technology Enablers

Businesses need Technology

Technology and business both constantly evolve. In fact, the only constant we truly recognise is change. We continually need to find ways of satisfying demand, and as we become more successful, this only increases.

Technology enablers allow you to focus on performance and growth. It also levels the playing field. Cloud computing, for example, has empowered smaller firms allowing them to compete with multinationals in many respects; it removes the need for costly software updates and allows a small firm to play to its strengths of flexibility, using resources in an ad hoc approach, making them more cost-effective.

Technology enablers cover many industries but the principle for assessing whether it will suit your business is the same.

How Hein Consulting can support you?

  • Begin with a strategy. Develop an analysis of your people, your facilities and existing technology. Understand what your resources are and what your capacity is. Know where the gaps are and how you might fill them. Bring in specialist expertise to fill in the gaps of your own knowledge.
  • Develop a plan for growth. Where do you want to be? Use that as a starting point and then work backwards. Consider what tools you might need to get there and how you might physically be able to accommodate those new customers/ products/ space if your growth comes to fruition.
  • Understanding technology is not enough on its own. Technology works alongside your infrastructure of people and resources. Any new enabler needs to be able to do the same. A new piece of technology that no one can use is more expensive as it’s less likely to generate extra income due to its complexity. This will not help your business grown and will instead drain your resources.
  • Know what the benefits are of your technology enabler and the difference it will make. This will help to ensure stakeholder buy-in.
  • Have a solid plan for implementation and ensure this is well communicated. Ensure every team knows how this enabler will affect them and how you plan for everyone to work while it is being implemented. Have a clear roll out strategy.

If you’re looking for practical support to keep your organisation up to date with the latest technologies, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.