Performance Management

performance-managementPerformance Management can help you and your people in planning, monitoring and reviewing work objectives against how they contribute to the business. It’s a continual process of objective setting and progress assessment. It provides the opportunity for ongoing mentoring/coaching and feedback to enable your people to meet their objectives and more importantly career goals.

The key points Hein Consulting can work with you on are:


Understand your long term goals and the skills, abilities and experience you need from your people to help you get there.


Performance management should not just sit with an HR team. Instead it needs to be integrated throughout your organisation. This helps to give confidence and also gives managers a sense of responsibility to get the most out of their teams.


At the heart of successful performance management is a happy and healthy working relationships.


A system of measurement and appraisal helps you to keep track of performance and its success. There are different methods of appraisal which suit different organisations, from 360 degree appraisal to one on one.


There need to be clear goals at the end of an appraisal period. Both employer and employee need to be confident in their understanding of any training or development that needs to be done. People are a powerful asset and need to be developed with new skills. This helps an organisation to grow.


A vital ingredient in Performance Management as it ensures a successful two way flow of information.

If you’re looking for practical support and ways to implement performance management strategies, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.