Turn individuals into teams

Motivation is a major driver of an organisation’s success through more motivated individuals and teams. But having enthusiastic and motivated people does not guarantee high performance. There are other factors to consider.

A motivated person or group requires the opportunity and ability to boost their performance. Your people must have the right tools and resources to do the job. They need the space to fulfil their job without restrictions. Remember, a person’s ability is a crucial factor that is often overlooked and is created by combining an individual’s innate skill or talent with experience.

Alignment of your people’s aims

PrintThis is how you build a team, instead of a group of people; you align people’s aims, purpose and values. It’s a fundamental characteristic of motivating people in line with your organisation’s aims. When we are not totally aligned, we’re more likely to fail. We’re all individuals with varying motivations so this isn’t an easy task and it requires balance. But if you get the alignment and values just right the group becomes a strong team.

Motivation and belief

People are motivated by things they can relate with and believe in. Today, more than ever, people want and demand more. And rightly so. The traditional motivational and inspirational posters, poems, quotes, great speakers can work well with sales and business people. These and general motivational and inspirational experiences improve our attitudes, confidence and ultimately our performance. But there are a wide range of motivational techniques as there are hot dinners. You need to discover the right tools to push the buttons in your staff. This means understanding the individuals, as well as their ethos.

If you’re looking for practical support and ways to keep your team motivated please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.