Effective Communication

The ability to interact with others, to share and listen to ideas is vital in business. As a leader, communication is a fundamental ability in order to guide others effectively. Good communication has been proved as an invaluable tool in improving commitment.

Get your message across

Business ThinkingThe components of communication process are; sender, receiver, the message and the channel. First the message is communicated in a way that it will get the idea across. The format and channel to get the message across will vary and depend upon what is the most effective and efficient. Remember that people are all different and some are happier hearing what is said, others prefer presentations, informal chats or discussions. So before communicating your message, consider how it will be received by the people. It’s what we call the ‘think twice and act once’ moment.

Secondly, do consider noise reduction e.g. anything that can interfere with the communication process, eliminate it, and try to always keep it clear concise and to the point. This ensures the message being sent is clear and comprehensible and understood by all as it was originally intended.

Communication is a two way thing

Active listening is as important as talking; most problems in communication arise due to a lack of listening. It’s about taking the time and giving attention and interpreting all the verbal, visual and vocal channels presented or simply:

  • Concentrate
  • Empathise
  • Accept
  • Ownership

It’s surprising that such a simple practice has to be repeated, but sadly we’re all guilty. The importance is being able to manage our emotions and being aware of the other person’s thoughts and fears and understanding how they are translating the message. At HC we take communication very seriously, and for each and every project we’re involved in, a clear and concise communication structure allows all stakeholders to have their say in an effective and efficient manner. This is especially important in a multicultural and, in many cases, in a virtual working environment. Even though we may be speaking in the same language we may understand or use words differently.

If you’re looking for practical support, ways to keep your team informed, or guidance in effective communication skills, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.