Culture and Change

Your organisational culture runs through every level of your business. It relates to your internal and external communications, how you attract new customers and feeds into every element of strategy. So if there is something broken at the heart of it, it needs to be fixed.

It might be easy to change an organisation’s structure or policy, but its culture can be harder to change. It takes confidence and clear communication. You need a united team or at least a core of enthusiastic individuals helping you to get there.

culture-and-changeThere are three stages through culture and change:

Understanding change

Understanding that change needs to happen. Recognising it yourself might be easy; convincing every member of the team is often harder, especially as it may be individuals or their practice which contributes to a negative culture.

Managing Resources

Managing resources through change. An organisation cannot stop operating simply because it is going through a process of change. Instead it becomes even more important to be seen to be doing a good job. However, a culture change will often require a shift in the management of resources. It might involve downsizing one element of the business and promoting or investing in another.


Communication is vital and needs to be maintained throughout the process. Often it is small but discordant voices that are at the core of a negative organisational culture. Culture change needs these voices to be challenged and then quietened. Employees need to know there is an alternative to the entrenched culture and that the alternative is being championed. This gives them the confidence to embrace change.

Change is good

Recognising the need for change isn’t the same as being able to achieve it. Some members of the team will need to leave, other newer staff will need to be brought in. Processes and policies will need to shift. Commitment to change makes it easier to accomplish. Equally, instead of making it simply an academic process, incorporate practical processes and activities to help you make your case for change.

How we can help?

Hein Consulting can help you analyse the structure and processes you need for change. We can advise you on the strategies, processes and techniques to help you successfully alter or change the culture in your organisation and manage that change.

If you’re looking for practical support and ways to set up a culture and change programme, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the various options available for you.